It is refreshing to find that on the issue of abortion the Seventh-day Adventist Church is in conflict with its own "back to Rome" policy, and is prepared to incur the wrath of the anti-abortion forces in the USA - Seventh-Day Adventists and abortion. The reason is obscure. The official Guidelines on Abortion addresses neither the crucial question of when life (or personhood) begins, nor the biblical definition of a "living soul." This avoids a direct confrontation with the Roman Catholic Church; but it may well be that repudiation of the "immortality of the soul" is a root cause of the SDA Church's position, or at least strongly influences it.

There is more than adequate compensation for what is lacking in the Seventh-day Adventist Church's defence of its position on abortion in the strong advocacy of ministers such as Kevin Paulson - SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS AND THE ABORTION QUESTION: WHERE SHOULD WE STAND? (Cf. Coercion or Conversion.)