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Subject:   Who does God use to proclaim His truth?

 Brother [Webmaster],

 The following quote by Ellen White has become one of my favorites because unfortunately it shows how thoroughly Satan has deceived mankind.  I could not find it on the ALF website.  So I am passing it on to you for reflection.  I would hope that the ministry of the ALF over the last 30 plus years would have had more effect on SDAs in particular, but that has not been the case. 

 Those to whom the message of truth is spoken seldom ask, "Is it true?" but, "By whom is it advocated?" Multitudes estimate it by the numbers who accept it; and the question is still asked, "Have any of the learned men or religious leaders believed?" Men are no more favorable to real godliness now than in the days of Christ. They are just as intently seeking earthly good, to the neglect of eternal riches; and it is not an argument against the truth, that large numbers are not ready to accept it, or that it is not received by the world's great men, or even by the religious leaders.

Desire of Ages, page 459.

 your brother in Christ,