The debate is not about whether it is appropriate to implement Roman Catholic Social Policy in the United States, but what it is and how it should be applied - a gross breach of the wall of separation between Church and State:

Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as running mate

The Legendary Paul Ryan  (A lengthy article.  A browse throug it reveals a strange "teflon" character.  The raises the question - by whom in the spiritual realm is this man guided or controlled, given Rev. 16:13?►

"To find a parallel to the way Ryan has so thoroughly seized control of the Republican agenda and identity, you have to go back at least to Gingrich in his nineties heyday, or possibly to Reagan. Yet Gingrich and Reagan rose to the national scene while cultivating an image as radicals—it was their battle scars, inflicted by the mainstream political Establishment, that lent them the credibility to speak for the conservative base. Ryan, by contrast, has achieved something much stranger: He has ascended to his present position aloft a chorus of acclaim from the corners of the Establishment that once greeted Gingrich and Reagan with loathing. He is the only politician revered as much by the mainstream media as by the tea party. By some measure, he’s the most popular guy in Washington."

Evangelicals and bickering Roman Catholics are in as tight an alliance as ever, bound together as depicted in Rev. 16:13-14.  Note that these are deceiving spirits.  The outlook is murky this election cycle, because of division within the Roman Catholic Church; but undoubtedly life is being given to the Image of the Beast - Rev. 13 is being fulfilled:

The division within Roman Catholicism:

Michael Sean Winters is (Partly) Right about Congressman Paul Ryan… (Cf. SUBSIDIARITY - The Principle of Roman Catholic Social Doctrine and its Implementation)

Paul Ryan and Roman Catholic Social Teaching

US Bishops, Nuns Agree: Romney, Ryan Budget ‘Fails Moral Test’