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The Seventh-day Adventist Church is not Babylon. The Church has become a harlot and gone into voluntary Babylonian captivity (Cf. Shall We Be Found Wanting, and note the emphasized passages.) God’s people (individuals - Rev. 3:20, making up “The Remnant of Her Seed” Rev. 12:17,) who are still in the corporate body and therefore in Babylonian captivity, are called to come out (Cf.. Basics_in_Revelation_18_Verses_1_to_4.)

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Subject: Withdraw your Official Membership

 Withdraw your Official Membership

We cannot cut a branch of a tree while standing on that branch. Otherwise we will call our own destruction. We must separate ourselves from that branch before we cut it.

 What is included in the life & teaching of Christ must include in the Remnant assembly. What is excluded in the life & teaching of Christ must exclude from the Remnant assembly. No matter ‘how much exist’ and ‘how much not exit’.

Church means a building. And a huge official organization has developed concentrating on this church. This is not Christian. An official organization is entirely not necessary for the Adventist people.

SDA (official) organization is Babylon in the Seventh-day Adventist assembly. Babylonians are consuming maximum portion of our Tithe & Offering through this organization. It must be stopped.

We cannot pray for the destruction of Babylon unless we separate ourselves from the Babylon. We cannot call the dissolution of the SDA official organization unless we withdraw our membership from that organization.

Remember, our interest for an official identity is encouraging the Babylon and all the non-Christian officialties & clergies. We are allowing our Tithe & Offering to spend for all Babylonian purposes.

Unless we withdraw our official membership, our prayer against the Babylon doesn’t match with our action. In prayer we are against Babylon but in action we are for Babylon. This is hypocrisy.

Goodbye to the official organization is not goodbye to the Seventh-day Adventist assembly. We can easily maintain our relationship with the Adventist gatherings without having an official membership of any organization.

Look at me! I am attending Sabbath programs, taking part in Sabbath-School class discussions, taking a share of congregational feasts, watching & participating social gatherings, getting invitation for wedding & special activities, etc – everything without an official membership. My brethren never required an official membership to accept me in their association. What more I can deserve?

Official membership is a binding: Disfellowship is a nightmare to most people. This happened because of their interest for an official membership. And the Babylonians like to threat people’s membership unless they bow down to their authority. People are compromising many evil & wrong doings in order to maintain a unity & an official membership. Our Unity became a compromised unity, not a cheerful unity.

Christ said,However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13) “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32). Truth is freedom. Anything that take God’s people under binding is not Truth.

SDA organization is taking God’s people & their money under binding. People are losing their speaking right & money-allocation right because of this organizational membership. – So this organization in not the True organization.

Enjoy your freedom: Be a voluntary attendee of SDA assemblies in stead of an official member of SDA Church. You will have freedom. You can easily attend any SDA congregation regardless dependent or independent ministries.

Witness Christ in every Congregation

Martein Rana Mondal
Servant of God


Called to Come Out: The Parable of the Ten Virgins